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Social networking sites such as orkut,facebook,twitter etc have really created a revolution and has added a new dimension to the concept of friendship.Come home,sign in and you find your bunch of pals,new and old in your computer screen!Cool!isn't it?A great place to hang out with your buddies when you are alone,and besides you can share your interests and thoughts with them,or even convey an important bit of information!

Very recently,I was taken aback when a good friend of mine seemed to dislike the concept of internet friendship and surprisingly,his arguments seemed to make sense!I would like to share some of them..Ever wondered why we talk more freely in the internet and not in person?Ever wondered why we have trouble making eye contact with a good friend in internet?Thats because we don't see one another,my friend,a follower of the Christ says 'its always easy to confess if there is a barrier between you and the priest'!Probably,internet relationships do seem to have a negative impact on a persons behavior in the society and his/her's personality,despite its many advantages.

Is chatting a cowardly practice?Are chat rooms a hideout for all the people who find it an ordeal to deal with other people in person?

A good topic to debate on I guess...Please do post in your views.


hi there,
im visiting ur blog for d 1st time and just couldnt resist myself from writing a comment,ur language is damn good i must say,and about the post, you just projected what has been bothering me for some time now coz the situation in our batch is no different,thick friends on the net dont even acknowledge other when they come face to face!!!this whole idea of networking is good ,if only it can be extended beyond the screen
keep writing

Thanks Anjana for your comment,Im glad you acknowledge my views..

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