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The conclusion of 1st M.B.B.S examinations were more of a relief to me than anything else. With the burden put out of my head, I was desperate to get to my hometown. This time, to visit my lone grandmother who lives in a very remote area of Palakkad called Karimkulam. My journey would be in two parts, initially to my beloved village, Pulappatta, and after spending a day there, straight to Karimkulam ["straight" would be a misnomer as i would have to take at least 3 buses to get to my destination.]. This was the first time I was to visit my grandmother all alone. My relatives in and around Karimkulam and my grandma herself had a notion I was not bothered of their well being and hence this visit was a conscious attempt on my part to prove them wrong. 

I started my journey to Karimkulam early morning in an inept looking bus. Courtesy of the side seat I occupied, I was able to appreciate the breathtaking milieu that my hometown always offered. As the bus sped through the dilapidated road, I could see the rubber plantations gradually give way to the vernacular trees and shrubs. The plantations were a part of modernization. Though initially implemented by the Christians, nowadays, every resident of my village seems to have a rubber farm in his share of land. My ostentatious carry bag seemed to catch the attention of many people as they tried to figure out what I must be doing in this very austere town.

Much to my delight, I reached Palakkad [my first stop] sooner than I expected. The first part of my journey had not been pleasing. I found it extremely gruesome to sit in the bus hunching over my bag. It was an ordeal to walk in the scorching town of Palakkad. The sun, as it is in Palakkad was unforgiving. I made my way to the next bus station on foot, luckily I got the next bus anon, it was standing in ignition, so had to leave soon. I observed the people closely, unlike those in Calicut, most of them were old fashioned, the youngsters wore hilarious clothes that made them look like outdated Tamil movie stars and there was an air of confidence in all of those faces. 

As I bellied up to Karimkulam, i could see the contrast between it and Pulappatta. Though both places were in the same district, there were myriad differences between them. Both were beautiful in their own ways. Pulappatta was cooler, always in the canopy of rain clouds while Karimkulam, though jam-packed with rice fields, was much like a Savannah region. I was thoroughly relishing the surroundings my eyes feasted upon. The rice fields seemed like a green carpet laid out in an endless landscape, with the Western ghats towering above the horizon. The black palms, which i fancy to be endemic to this region [at least in Kerala] stood tall in between the rice fields. Occasionally, the brooks appeared, the adolescents hung out there, fishing and chatting. I fancied being one of them, totally free and enjoying life in their peer group.

After hours of waiting, I finally reached my destination. As I peregrinated through the dusty road, many natives eyed me with surprise. I returned all the smiles from the innocent faces I saw on my way to Granny's house. She was ecstatic on my arrival, gave me a hug and welcomed home. I ate all the dishes she had made specially for me. Our neighbor also showed her love by regaling me with a piece of fried fish. I was over-whelmed by the love and care i got from my grandmother and the relatives in the vicinity. I spend the rest of the day musing in a book I had brought from Calicut. 

I settled myself in the balcony, gazing at the Western Ghats, gleaming in the twilight. As I scanned through the massive black mountains, I lost track of time. The sun had disappeared and the sky became atomized with stars. It has been a long time since i saw such a magnificent sky, I tried to figure out the constellations, the big dipper, the Orion [but without luck, I had forgotten them] and i was lost in the aura of the mysterious universe. The silhouettes of the black palms now disappeared totally. Only sound that evaded into the air were the holy hymns from the lips of my grandmother. It was a magical evening.

I had made this visit to prove a point or two that I am old enough to travel alone. But I found that I really did enjoy my visit and I was overjoyed that I was able to give my solitary grandma a day to cherish with me. I made my journey back to Pulappatta, with each and every part of me wanting to come back sooner or later to this wonderful village.


Beautiful narration,Vaisakh.

Hey I was waiting to read more of it, not fair :(

And yes though you took pain travelling the breathtaking view sure
transformed it into a beautiful after thought :))

Gazing at 'Stars' and enjoying the evening, oh I haven't experienced this in ages now..... I guess I told you, I wish to visit your village once.. :D
Do keep on giving such surprises to your gramdma :)


@ Papa,

Nice to know you liked it

@ Tanvi,

I can understand you, being desperate to get out of the irritating city life, I do hope I was able to bring in some rural essence through my post...

As for the length, I didn't want the readers including you to feel sleepy,;), thats why I kinda briefed it..


Nice narration, Vaishakh.

You have an interesting name...

I am sure your grandma was very happy to see you, and by all means- it was a sweet thing you did for her too.

Cheers. Good luck.

@ Reenie,

Thanks for reading the post, Reenie, I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it.


Really this is unfair.
Why did you have to wind up your journey's experiences to one single post?
I was expecting a sequel :(
Anyway, well written.
Got to have nostalgic feelings about my native while going through this post.
Keep 'em coming.

@ Netha,

He he,

I didn't have that much experiences anyway to attempt a sequel..

Anyway I hope to write more about my travelling, which I absolutely relish...


Hello, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

You are a creative writier and photographer. I find your blog very interesting.

@ Amrita,

Thank you...
Do visit again, I find your blog very
interesting too..


Hi Vaisakh, U want to follow your blog, searching for the follow button

I found it, I am your follower

@ Amrita,

I'm overwhelmed.....

Thank you..

Hi Vaisakh, I like the collection of your stamps. My Mom used to collect them too and had some rare ones, but when we were moving house,many got lost.

I hav e to enlarge the text on your blog, bacuse I can 't read small size font, and then the page doesn 't fit on my screen, ha-ha!

@ Amrita,
I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience...
I'll look into it...
Thanks for your suggestions, I value them..


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