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Unlike a typical Indian state which eats,drinks and sleeps Cricket, Kerala has a unique Sport mantra. Here, football is a sport which enjoys tremendous popularity, which is at its Zenith in the Malabar region. FIFA world cup 2010, South Africa, was just the right placebo for those desperate football fanatics. An opportunity to show zeal and support that they relished to the maximum extent.

I realized the degree of football enthusiasm amongst my fellow mates when I was stopped on my tracks to donate a humble amount of rupees 10 for the so called ‘Spanish football association of Calicut Medical college’. Immediately the thought crossed my mind as to why I should donate valuable money to show support to a country miles away! Moreover, being an admirer of the British, I was actually supporting England. Anyway I made my humble donation in order to oblige my mates.

The spread of the pandemic football fever was etched in the streets; I saw posters and flags of different football Giants namely Argentina and Brazil grow in number, boasting about the strengths of their respective teams. The posters are all well designed and made pompous to satisfy the much deemed chairmen of the fans association.

An average poster costs about 600 to 700 rupees and of course the ones with bigger dimensions and graphics set up by the over-zealous fans would cost more; If my eyesight is within normal limits, I could observe at least ten posters in a distance of 1 kilometer while traveling in bus and hence it can be inferred that there would be thousands of such posters just in Malabar.

If we could channel this huge amount of money wasted in showing support to other nations into football academies, we could breed world class players in a decade’s time. I still believe its our attitude and ideology that makes us nincompoops.

The thousands of Brazilian and Argentinean fans had their mouths shut when their teams crashed out without even reaching the semi-finals. A very loyal Brazilian fan proved his point by suiciding in the grief of his teams glorious defeat! The posters and flags still stand in streets though, not even good to be used as scarecrows.

End result-Waste of time, money and energy. It’s a shame our mighty nation with a billion people cannot showcase a team good enough to compete at the world stage. Let’s start acting better and of course it’s never late to realize our foolishness. Nevertheless, I can be satisfied my 10 rupee went to the champions…

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