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From the fast cars to the glamorous supermodels and finally to the popping of the champagne bottle cork, you guessed it, it’s the world of F1[Formula 1].
‘Motto: speed up that damn machine until your head starts spinning.’
I feel pity for the followers of F1 whom according to me waste their precious time watching a strange looking car going nuts around a circuit making an offensive noise that almost blows their eardrums.

F1 is big business; the franchisees invest millions into it. Thanks to Mr. Vijay Mallya and his Force India team, our nation has also stamped its claim in the F1 arena. The sponsorship is also nothing short of immaculate. But I just cannot fathom how such a heresy can prevail in a world that is running short of petroleum fuels.

The modern F1 car is a truly credible machine. It can easily touch speeds up to 350 Km/hr or more and the acceleration is mind-blowing. An average F1 car drinks about 80 liters of fuel in a single pit stop [please bear with me if the statistics are not accurate]. Usually the race length is around 300 odd kilometers and there are about 2-3 pit stops in a full fledged race. And of course we do need fuel for the practice and qualifying sessions. So it’s crystal clear that there is some serious fuel consumption in this business. [My views also extend to other professional races such as moto gp, WRC, NASCAR, etc.]

Lewis Hamilton, the F1 superstar got charged some months back in France and now recently in Australia for exceeding speed limits in the national highways. Poor chap, must be finding it hard to take his foot off the accelerator pedal!!
So much of havoc is being created just for an adrenaline rush! Waste of fuel, energy and time that’s what I think this business is. I do request readers of this blog to think about the concept of professional racing.
A day will come when the machine will remain thirsty in its pit stop, the dooms day of F1 world!

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