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Lying on the bed, I ran my fingers through my hair. I felt that annoying tuft of hair in the back side of my head. I checked myself in the mirror, my hair certainly looked gawky. I had got an ill-satisfactory hair cut last week. I had never been to that barber shop before and went there only because the shop which I usually visit was closed on that particular day. It was a very modest one and judging by its looks I felt not many people would have submitted their heads there. I tried to recollect the barbers face; he was a good looking gentleman of about 40. I have to admit, he did talk well to me and he had built a good liaison with me, hoping for more visits in the future. But the fact that his talk ruined my hairstyle made me even more angry and frustrated. Unable to bear the awkwardness, I set out to the usual Barber shop, in hope of a welcome modification.

As I stepped in, the barber closely scanned my hair with his experienced eyes. Since my hair was already short, I was quick to provide an explanation as to why I cut my hair from a different shop and also made my plans clear as to how I wanted to modify my hairstyle. All the while I doubted if the barber was thinking of the lost confidence in him which made me visit the other barber initially. The Barber soon inquired about the whereabouts of the barber shop which I had visited last week. With much difficulty I explained where it was. All the while, I talked about how badly the other barber had cut my hair; I also had the secret intention of restoring the barber’s confidence in me. However, the barber did not speak anything, much to my amusement.

I started to leave, satisfied with the minor works done on my hair. As I paid the barber, he told me that there is no point in blaming the other barber and the problem lies with my hair and accepted only less than half of full service charge. I reflected upon the good chat I had with the other barber and how much I had let him down just to gain the confidence of another man. 


Simple but thought provoking....Very Good.

Thanks Papa..

I was worried if this was good enough, since i'm writing after a long break..
I'm glad you like it..

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