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So,what is meanness? I'd like to correlate it with the act of snatching a candy out of the tiny sausage shaped fingers of a  child.Now,I know the readers of this post would be frowning now,but friends,i discovered recently that being 'mean' is an extremely efficient way of grabbing attention and honor.Embarrass someone in front of public and you become a star!

I just hate to pull in names in my posts but I'v been forced to write about one such personality who has been gaining popularity for his extremely mean,arrogant and cocky nature.He is named Piers Morgan and you would be very familiar with this name if you are a viewer of reality talent hunt show 'America's Got Talent'.Mr.Morgan happens to be a celebrity Judge on this show for reasons unknown.May be his earlier position as the editor of some British tabloid has to do something with it.

Mr.Morgan is just an example among thousands who are gaining popularity for their arrogant and unforgiving nature, a vast majority of them being British.Maybe being nice,soft and sweet is old fashioned and I find that reality show Judges are taking full advantage of it.I actually think that people with attention deficit tend to be mean.Anyway Mr.Morgan wont complain,he seems to be enjoying his time in television and filling his already fat pockets.To be honest ,I'm a big fan of this handsome Englishman and its his meanness and straightforwardness that impressed me the most.


Read the post.I don't watch the stuff on English television channels, but lemme ask this
"a vast majority of them being British". How did you come to such a conclusion?
Contrary to the popular belief, being good is cool.
The new template is good.

Well,its just that I'v seen a common tendency in British Celebs to be mean,at least to the paparazzi, nothing more..
This post DOES not mean I'm trying to be mean ;-}

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That indeed is an commendable observation... attention crazy people tend to be mean.......and not the attention deficit i suppose ( ADHD )

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